Logos bible software makes bible study easier

Logos Bible Software have launched a major upgrade to their top shelf bible program, Logos 4.

And it cranks!

I’ve been a long term user of Logos & am very impressed with this latest version. It has made bible study so much easier to do & in fact more enjoyable.

Logos Bible Software

A few benefits…

1. search is a dream! I have 188 books in my digital library so finding info on a topic like redemption can be daunting but not anymore

2. interface is much cleaner

3. customisation is easier

4. online helps & tutorials are numerous

5. there are now over 80 videosto help people make the transition to this amazing piece of software.

6. Logos 4 maps are linked to Google maps!

7. new components (e.g. Biblical People, Things & Places) are helpful & easy to use

Check it out Logos Bible Software.

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