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John Finkelde
Photo by Paul Bamford

About John Finkelde

I have 30 years of pastoral experience. 

As lead pastor at C3 Church Hepburn Heights I led our church through generational renewal which saw our church grow while planting a new church every 3 years and also move to a purpose-built, multi-million dollar worship centre. 

In 2012 I founded Grow a Healthy Church and have conducted over 130 on-site, church consults in 5 nations. 

Through Christ’s grace, I have helped churches improve their health, grow numerically,  increase their volunteer numbers, develop stronger connections with visitors, raise more money and build leadership pipelines.

Are You Stuck?

I know what’s it like to lead a growing church.

It’s exhilarating.

People getting saved and baptised. Small Groups growing. Finances flowing in.

And then something happens.

Growth stalls.

Barriers emerge.

The flow vanishes.

We don’t see the same results coming from the same effort.

We grow tired, get a bit disheartened.

Answers elude us.

What got us here doesn’t look like it’s going to get us to next stage.

Then one day it hits us. I am stuck and I don’t know how to get unstuck. 

Our frustration deepens and we start to wonder if we are the right person to be leading our church into its future.

We casually start to look around for other opportunities. We contemplate giving up, moving on.

Even becoming a gardener begins to look attractive.

I know these feelings oh so well.

During my 30 years of pastoring Perth Australia I had seasons of struggling with these feelings and yes, I even dreamed of becoming a gardener.

Eventually I reached out, got some help and got unstuck.

Today I help pastors look at their church with a fresh set of eyes.

I help them get unstuck.

Let me help you get unstuck.