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I know what’s it like to lead a growing church. It’s exhilarating. 

People getting saved and baptised.

Small Groups growing.

Finances flowing in.

And then something happens. 

Growth stalls. Barriers emerge. The flow you had has vanished. What got you here doesn’t look like it’s going to get you to next stage.

Then one day it hits you. I am stuck and I don’t know how to get unstuck. 

Your frustration deepens and you start to wonder if you are the right person to be leading your church into its future. 

You contemplate giving up and moving on to a different life. 

I’ve been there.

Eventually I reached out, got some help and got unstuck. 

Today I help pastors look at their church with a fresh set of eyes. 

I help them get unstuck. 

Let me help you get unstuck.

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A Grow a Healthy Church consult will reveal what is preventing growth and then position your church for growth. Plus the Hub resources will give you step-by-step road maps

A Grow a Healthy Church consult will review your Sunday service and recommend workable changes. Plus the Hub resources will give you a step-by-step solutions.

A Grow a Healthy Church consult will audit your leadership development strategies and help you focus on activities that produce leaders. Plus the Hub resources will help you build a leadership pipeline.

A Grow a Healthy Church consult will analyse your finances and give you practical ways to raise more finance. Plus the Hub resources will give you step-by-step guidance on our Vsion Builders fund raising campaigns.

In the Hub you will find practical resources to help you build a sustainable leadership life

In the Hub the Grow Your Church Road Map will give you a step-by-step action plan with a comprehensive checklist to help you reinvent your visitor pathway

In the Hub you will find a step-by-step road map to build effective recruitment and retention strategies

In the Hub you will discover simple strategies and tactics to boost this vital discipleship zone

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12 METRICS TO measure church  HEALTH

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Get clear next steps as John consults with your church and walks with you for one year to help you grow a healthy church


Your one stop resource centre and online coach  is packed with tools and training to empower you to grow a healthy church

What Pastors
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I have 30 years of pastoral experience. 

As lead pastor at C3 Church Hepburn Heights I led our church through generational renewal which saw our church grow while planting a new church every 3 years and also move to a purpose-built, multi-million dollar worship centre. 

In 2012 I founded Grow a Healthy Church and have conducted over 170 on-site and online church consults in 5 nations. 

Through Christ’s grace, I have helped churches improve their health, grow numerically, increase their volunteer numbers, develop stronger connections with visitors, raise more money and build leadership pipelines.

What Pastors
Say About John

John’s ability to listen to where I am at and to offer easy to understand guidance has boosted me into a new level in my ministry and own faith journey.
Captain Joel Clifford
John’s coaching had made me feel more confident. I have a clearer view of how to move forward with concrete tools and techniques to lead the church.
Ps Alex Huggett
John is a wellspring of information, experience and advice in all things church. His responses were often out of the box of what's been said before.
Ps Christie Blaikie

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What Pastors
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