Phil Pringle | The Interview

One way I’ve developed my leadership skills is observing skilful leaders. Watching their ways has been a way for me to accelerate my learning.

Earlier this year I interviewed a man who has had a significant impact on my leadership life, Phil Pringle, who is Senior Pastor of C3 Oxford Falls and founder of the C3 Church movement.

I interviewed Phil for our Member’s Hub but thought I’d give you a taste on my blog.

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John Finkelde: What have you done to increase your capacity as a leader? Jesus has obviously called you to lead. What have you done to shift levels of your life, or shift ceilings?

Phil Pringle: I’m not sure if I’ve actually done much at all in that I think Jesus has done probably most of it and I’ve never enjoyed one iota of His processes of increasing capacity.

James says “count it all joy when encounter various trials because this will increase your patience, which is basically capacity.

Your ability to cope with anything – pressure, negative situations, all kinds of things – over a period of time. So while He lets you live with a situation you’ve asked him to fix, He doesn’t fix it and you’ve gotta keep on living with it for a long period of time. That trial will definitely increase your capacity.

phil pringle

John Finkelde: If you had young leader, a 25 year old leader, even a 25 year old Phil Pringle. If you could say to the 25 year old Phil Pringle, Phil work on this area. This will help you as the years roll on, what would you tell them to work on?

Phil Pringle: Well I’d say that if you look after the basics then everything else will look after itself.

The basics are make sure you read the Bible, make sure you pray every day, make sure you keep clean as a believer and if you’re married, give attention to your marriage.

Where do you find that strength and courage when you have to make a difficult decision.

Phil Pringle: Probably doing it with others and I feel sometimes like it’s a bit of a cop out but I will discuss with others what I plan to do and if I can get a good consensus that everybody is into it then I’ve got enough courage to go ahead. If I’ve heard very clearly from God I get quite ruthless, is one word I guess, single minded would be a better word. I just say well I’m going to do this because God has told me to and let the chips fall however they will, I know that I’ve got to do this thing.

I also asked Phil these questions:

Phil I want to host a dinner party for you. Apart from Jesus, which four leaders would you pick to attend the dinner party?

What got you into writing books?

If I could restrict you to three words to describe the feel of your leadership, what three words would you choose?

What’s the best leadership decision you’ve ever made?

What’s the best book you’ve read lately?

What trends are you seeing in the church world as we move into the 21st century?

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