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Frustrated? Stuck? Exasperated? Annoyed? I Can Help You.

Frustrated Stuck Exasperated Annoyed I Can Help You.

I wonder if your frustration about your church being stuck has caused you to ask these questions.

We have good preaching and great worship, why isn’t our church growing?

Why do people leave our church?

Why is it so hard to get people to serve?

How on earth do we reach our community with the gospel?

Other churches seem to be booming, what’s wrong with my church?

Do other churches get stuck like we do?

Sound familiar?

During the last 39 years of pastoring, mentoring and consulting I’ve heard these questions countless numbers of times.

Church leaders are looking for solutions to a myriad of challenges that they are facing.

And often they just feel stuck.


That’s why I’ve created the Hub.

In the last 10 years, I’ve conducted over 140 consults in churches ranging from 75 members to over 1000 across a wide range of movements.

And what’s interesting is that our solutions work in a vast range of contexts.

I created the Hub to help leaders who were stuck and to assist them in their cause of following Christ.

6 Simple Ways The Hub Gets You Unstuck

1. Community of Like-Minded Leaders

Inside the Hub we’re building a community of like-minded leaders who want to grow a healthy church.

Isolation breeds insecurity and uncertainty.

Connection normalises our problems.

We realise we are not the only leader facing that issue. We discover being stuck is a common problem.

For instance, every leader thinks they are alone in facing the churn problem, the challenge of people coming and going. When they discover its normative, they breathe a sigh of relief and realise it’s normal and part and parcel of leading today.

2. Road Maps to Church Health

Do you love Google Maps as much as I do?

It’s revolutionised the way I drive to appointments and discover shops and cafes. Plus it’s superb on holidays when you are in unknown realms.

Inside the Hub you will find a Road Map to church health.

Every 3 months I release a new Road Map into the Hub that will guide you into improved church health.

These Road Maps will focus on key elements in your church.

Just like Google Maps, they will guide you step-by-step into growing a healthy church.

In fact this element of the Hub will be the fulfilment of a dream for me.

For a few years I’ve wanted to develop an accessible Road Map for pastors and leaders. A step-by-step pathway to improved church health.

And the Road Map is it. It will help many churches along their leadership journey.

3. Stories

I regularly interview a leader whose story unveils truth and wisdom.

There are interviews in the Hub with pioneering leaders like the founder of C3 Church movement, Phil Pringle and stellar pastors like Mark Conner.

Mark has now transitioned out of the senior pastor’s role at CityLife Church in Melbourne Australia. He speaks candidly of his succession process.

Amongst a plethora of questions, I asked him, which 4 leaders would he invite to a dinner party?

His answer floored me and I think it will surprise you.

4. Resources

I think the array range of resources inside the Hub will surprise you.

There are Quick Wins. Short, sharp insights into leadership and life.

Our MasterClasses will give you in-depth training on aspects of church life and leadership.

I’m reading the books you don’t have time to read so our Book Review section will save you time while guiding you into some excellent material.

5. Design

We’ve gone with a fresh and contemporary look with vibrant colours. Also, the layout is easy to navigate with a simple format including a dashboard that is the pivotal place in the Hub.

I’ve joined a membership site for membership site owners to discover current best practice and get all the help I could find in building the Hub.

Are You Stuck?

Check out the Hub today and get unstuck.

John is a wellspring of information, experience and advice in all things church. His responses were often out of the box of what's been said before.
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