10 Ways to Guarantee The Worst Church Service Ever


Here’s the top 10 ways to guarantee a terrible church service:

1. Ask the worship leader to talk for 5 mins between each song and thus quench the flow of a worship time.

2. Give 11 announcements complete with all details of time, address, who to see to register & endless other boring details.

3. Tell people you are going to finish in 5 mins and take another 20.

4. Don’t train anyone in platform presentation. Just be “led by the Spirit” and trust everything will be ok dokie.

church service

Photo courtesy of echiner1(CC ShareALike)

 5. Berate people about their lack of commitment or dedication.

 6. Get the worship leaders and vocalists to never open their eyes and be aware of what’s happening in the congregation.

 7. Preach messages that have no relevance to the day to day lives of your people.

 8. Loooooooooooong offering talks.

9. Completely ignore visitors or include them to the point of embarrassment.

10. Encourage team pastors to talk authoritatively to the church just like the senior pastor.

And that’s how you help make a church unhealthy.

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