I first heard Phil Pringle preach in 1987 at a church conference in Perth.

I was a young pastor & Phil was in the early years of leading a dynamic & fast growing church in Sydney’s northern beaches.

My initial reaction was astonishment at how such a young guy could be so trendy, bold & anointed all at the same time!

I loved his turn of phrase & story telling. Phil has a unique way of stating truth.

But what I loved even more was the encounter I had with God at that conference. I had a vision that I can still remember to this day.

Incredibly, every time I would hear Phil minister throughout the ensuing decade I would have a very significant encounter with God.

Encounters that I can still recall today with stunning clarity.

I guess it’s no real surprise then that we joined Phil’s movement, C3 Church in 2001 when we were looking to join a visionary movement.

Undoubtedly God had been preparing my heart for years.

My only regret is I took so long to jump into C3 Church!

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  1. Thats awesome ! – hey…I was bumming around Oz in 1987 and went and saw Phil preach at Brookvale (?)or Deewhy – Coming from a Baptist church I couldn't believe christianity could be so dynamic and his preaching shifted my perception of 'how' I could follow Christ… needless to say 30yrs plus I'm still a C3'er (Qld)

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