Margins are something you use everyday if you use a word processor to write docs, letters & so on.

Personal margins are also vital for longevity & success in life.

I’ve had a massive fortnight.

Speaking at REAL MEN Sydney then ministering at a couple of churches in Sydney & Wollongong. Then celebrating 10 years in our building. Plus leading our REAL MEN Perth Conference & hosting Allan & Greg last Sunday. As well as my numerous responsibilities that do not disappear during hectic times!

Whilst it is all good fun & fruitful Kingdom endeavour it is tiring & draining.

So how to recover?

how strong are your margins


My well established margins will ensure that this week I will take things slower & take some time out for non-work activities. Probably catch a movie, shoot a few photos, read The Australian & take Di out for coffee.

Without margins I would dangerously continue at full pace & eventually fatigue would capture me. Disaster lurks at this point.

So … how strong are your margins?

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  1. For me, margins mean not allowing the expectations of others dictate and drive what I do.

    What is it that God has given into my hand to accomplish? Today? This Year?

    Just like Jesus said in John 4:34; Our food is to do the will of Him who has sent us, to accomplish His work.

    Although trying to remain sensitive to the needs of people around me, my goal is to be secure in knowing that I am working in step with His Spirit, releasing 'Heaven on Earth' and not simply reacting to circumstance.

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