Top 5 Priorities of a Small Church Pastor


Don’t you just love it when you hear someone say things that concur with your own thoughts?

I had this experience recently when I was listening to the 200 Churches podcast recently.

This podcast for pastors of small & medium size churches is hosted by two Iowa pastors, Jeff Keady & Jonny Craig. I highly recommend it.

top 5 priorities small church pastor

In this episode they interviewed Dave Jacobs who is a consultant and coach who specialises in working with smaller churches.

Dave’s Facebook group, Small Church Pastor has over 1200+ members & has some very interesting discussions. It’s a superb place to connect with other pastors. It’s primarily filled with USA pastors but it’s worth checking out. Dave diligently monitors the discussions, ensuring that nothing gets out of hand!

During the podcast he listed the top 5 priorities of a small church pastor.

1. Sermon preparation – put aside time for this every week

2. Leadership development – pastors don’t tend to give intentional time to this activity

3. Admin -you can’t escape the old admin!

4. Think time – time alone to think about your life, church & leadership

5. New people – new people are the life blood of any church

I love this list as it helps pastors focus on vital essentials as they serve Christ & His church.

Interestingly, Dave’s list doesn’t include pastoral care. I think it’s not on the list because Dave knows that’s going to happen anyway & you don’t especially need to prioritise it.

Or maybe Dave will add his reason in the comments!

However, if you don’t prioritise things like developing leaders, think time & sermon prep they either get done haphazardly or worse still, don’t get done at all.

When a pastor neglects these things then ill health is the end result.

Download the podcast The Essential Five: Priorities For A Small Church Pastor here & do yourself a big favour & subscribe to their updates.


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