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Growing a healthy church
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The Hub is a one stop resource centre
and online coach for pastors and their teams

Where can you find road tested resources and practical coaching to help you grow your church?

Church leadership is both inspiring and gruelling.

There are sermons to prepare, couples to marry and crises to be solved.

You must raise finances, develop leaders and attend countless meetings.

Meanwhile, the Sundays are relentless.

Plus, there’s the hottest church growth strategy you need to analyse and adopt.

Not to mention the latest podcasts, books and blogs.

The struggle to grow a healthy church is real.

The lack of members, leaders and finances can be discouraging.

Where do you turn when you want workable solutions, proven expertise and effective coaching?

How Pastors Use the Hub

I have found the Hub to be a great "next step" resource for many of the most common issues relating to church leadership
Ps John Meadth
The Hub is easy to use for training purposes amongst my team members because it is concise and each training is well resourced
Ps Brian Webber
I love the quick wins, and often use the ideas to jump start a leader's meeting. I like the easy access to different topics
Ps Glenda Noordam

Benefits For You and Your Team


If within 60 days you don’t like it, you can leave the Hub with the click of a button (okay, maybe like three clicks) and get a full refund.

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