My Spectacular Failure. My Big Frustration. My Solution.


Our sweetest of sweet spots.

That’s my best description of the last 7 years.

When we launched Grow a Healthy Church in 2012 I didn’t know that Di and I would land in that spot.

For us it’s been like a never-ending summer of warm days, sea breezes and happy vibes.

We’ve achieved far more than what we ever dreamed.

Oh, don’t get me wrong.

We’ve had our fair share of “Have we done the right thing?!?” moments. And “What on earth have we done?!?!” thoughts.

There have been long days of hard, relentless work.

Through it all, we’ve seen the favour of Jesus time and again as He has called us out onto the water.

We’ve now conducted over 100 on site, church health consults.

I currently coach over 30 pastors. Di mentors 100’s of pastor’s wives and ministry women through her coaching, writing and private Facebook group.

My Big Frustration

I’ve hit a ceiling.

I physically can’t do much more that what I am doing.

I am limited, like everyone, by the fact I can only be in one place at a time.

I want to help more pastors.

I want to serve more staff members.

I want to equip more volunteers.

Ultimately, I want to see the cause of Christ advanced by growing, healthy churches.


My Spectacular Failure

Since our launch in 2012, I have tried to expand our impact by replicating myself. I’ve endeavoured to recruit other pastors to work alongside me as consultants and coaches.

This endeavour has been a spectacular failure.

A couple of thanks, but no thanks.

Some false starts, one of which is a crazy story that won’t get aired in public.

Eventually, I managed to recruit an excellent pastor. However, he is busy leading a growing church, completing a PhD and raising a family so his focus is elsewhere and despite his best endeavours, the doors just haven’t opened for him.

My strategy just hasn’t worked.

I thought it would but I’ve failed.

My Solution

So, instead of trying to replicate me and my work, I’ve decided to go a different direction.

This solution will help me help more people.

And I don’t think this will be a spectacular failure. Well, I hope not!

The solution?

I’m launching the Member’s Hub.

The Hub will:

  • enable you to access me and many other like-minded leaders.
  • help time-poor leaders who want proven strategies.
  • give you targeted solutions for your church’s pressing problems.
  • be an inexpensive way for you to benefit from my coaching.
  • provide a safe forum for you to connect with and learn from others.

Ultimately, The Hub will help me help you, and other pastors and leaders across the globe.

john finkelde

Growing a healthy church

just got easier

Take the Hub for atest run

Free for 31 days

  • Increase your attendance
  • Grow your giving
  • Improve your church's health

7 Reasons to Join The Member’s Hub

1. You will access my 37 years of pastoral leadership experience

2. You will benefit from the insights I garner from the dozens of churches I visit

3. You will get answers you’re looking for in my monthly Ask John Anything segment

4. You will be inspired by the leading church practitioners I interview each month

5. You will find the monthly subscription fee more than affordable

6. You will strengthen your leadership with my targeted coaching and mentoring

7. You will connect with other like-minded leaders

What’s In The Member’s Hub

“Ask John Anything” webinars

These webinars will be free for all, answering the question you have about leadership and life.

Monthly Masterclass on church leadership and life

Every month I will download insights and teaching on a topic.

Quick Wins

These will be short, sharp actionable takeaways on video and audio.

In-depth interviews with key Christian leaders

I will interview a range of pastors and leaders who expertise to help you.

Step-by-step church growth road maps with proven strategies

Proven strategies that will help you grow a healthy church.

Book reviews

I’m reading the books you don’t have time to read.

PLUS An engaged community of like-minded leaders with discussion forums

Check it out the Hub today


john finkelde

Growing a healthy church

just got easier

Take the Hub for atest run

Free for 31 days

  • Increase your attendance
  • Grow your giving
  • Improve your church's health




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