The 4 types of people you need to make disciples in small groups


1. People who openly share why & how they follow Jesus
You make disciples when you help people follow Jesus. When people share their personal why & how of following Jesus they present models that can be followed. As Paul told the Thessalonians “You became imitators of us” 1 Thessalonians 1:6

2. People who pray for each other’s needs

When small group members ask for prayer they are creating a community of shared life & experience. This is the essence of discipleship in the midst of a frenetic world.


3. People who get involved

A classic mistake small group leaders make is to run the group by themselves or with one or two assistants. Give everyone a role. Involvement turns a bystander into a disciple.

4. People who talk about the work of Christ in them

When people share God’s intervention in their circumstances, a Scripture that challenged them or a Holy Spirit moment of awakening, you make disciples.

Do you have these 4 types of people in your small groups?

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