How to increase your volunteer numbers this year # 3

Over the last two days we have looked at utilising the first serve & tap on the shoulder methods  to increase your volunteer numbers.

Today’s tip is:

Tip # 3 Recruit people according to their skill set

Rather than just promote the departments who need volunteers, aim at the skill sets people have & see where you can utilise them.

Here’s 5 common skill sets:

skill set

Tech heads – enjoy all things technical whether it be operating computers, sound, lighting, cameras, multi-media or video editing.

Friendly faces – love people &  excel at welcoming strangers, engaging in conversations, caring for others & being helpful.

Creatives – passionate about music, graphic design, media, drama, art, craft, song writing, stage design, singing & photography.

Connection builders – natural networkers who are confident &  thrive on linking people together for a common purpose.

Task lovers – practical in nature they revel in using their hands or managing projects & people.

Make your recruiting people first, department second.


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