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Seven Benefits of Exercise for Pastors and Leaders


The demands, complexity and stress of today’s church has a significant impact upon the physical well-being of pastors.

Added to this is the fact that a pastor’s workplace is sedentary and involves hours of sitting behind a desk, in a car or on couches in people’s homes.

This inactivity can be disastrous for a minister’s well-being, especially when it is coupled with the hospitality of well-meaning members or delicious desserts at cafés.

Weight gain and a lack of fitness can combine to create health problems that plague a minister’s effectiveness.

No amount of prayer, godliness or calling will make up for the neglect of your health.

Therefore, you need to pay close attention to your exercise regime, eating habits and time away from the workplace.

There are numerous options for developing a personal exercise regime. You can go to a gym, walk, jog, cycle, swim or choose a more intense option like cross fit or engaging a personal trainer.

Whatever you choose you will soon discover the benefits of exercise.

Mayo Clinic Outlines These 7 Benefits of Exercise

1. Exercise Helps Keep Your Weight Down

Regular exercise helps you fight off the flab. Try to find ways every day to increase your movement. Always park your car away from the front door of the shops so you can get walking. Take the stairs and give the lift a miss. Get out in the garden or do some work around the house.

2. Exercise Fights Diseases

Regular exercise can help you prevent a huge range of health problems. Stroke, heart disease, diabetes, depression, certain types of cancer, arthritis and falls are more avoidable if you move it, move it.

3. Exercise Gets Rid of The Grumps

Endorphins get pumping when you move and those little critters make you feel better about life.

4. Exercise Helps You Sleep

You’ll sleep better and deeper when you exercise. Way better than taking a pill.

5. Exercise Boosts Energy

If you use energy you get energy.

6. Exercise Makes You Sexy – Literally!

Regular exercise leads to a better sex life

7. Exercise Breaks Stress

Exercise breaks your work routine and definitely breaks down your stress levels.

So What?

If you don’t have an exercise program then at the very least take a 30-minute walk three times a week.

Or join a gym.

Or ride a bike with a friend.

Whatever! Start moving.

Now if you’ve drifted away from an exercise regime then kick start it back to life and enjoy these seven benefits of exercise.

Believe it or not exercise will help you grow a healthy church.

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