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Number One Tip For Sermons On Giving

number tip sermons on giving

Here it is.

My number one tip on sermons on giving.

I  heard it many years ago from John Avanzini and it’s been a guiding light.

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Pastors must preach on money.

And here’s one simple reason: your people are thinking about it.

Dads worry about paying city rates, and power bills, and now the kids want Netflix.

Young adults fret about their car payments

Businesswomen are struggling to increase the cash flow of their small business.

Those over 50 are wondering how they will be able to thrive in their later years, travel the world, and see the places of their dreams.

Parents are concerned about paying for their children’s education.

Executives wrestle with how to ask for that next pay rise.

Investors are looking for that next gilt-edged investment.

And they all suffer anxiety and stress.


Giving and Thank You Web Pages Templates

Thank You Email Template

But beyond that, your people want to know what Christ and the Bible have to say about money.

They want to know what He is saying about their particular pressures.

So don’t avoid the topic because it’s difficult or delicate or dangerous.

Instead, courageously approach the topic from an angle of how you can help your people handle their money in a God-honoring way.

Help them to work out how to get more money in their world through correct attitudes, right work practices, saving, budgeting, business building, and so on.

Don’t focus on giving.

Preach to get money to people.

Help people handle their money to the glory of God. This will help you grow a healthy church.

Also, check out my book Preaching in a Whatever World on Amazon.


What have you found works for you when you preach sermons on giving?

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