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A step by step process for pastors wanting more prayer back up

We discovered some years ago that a personal prayer partner team made a significant difference to our pastoral world.

Our prayer helped us grow a healthy church.

So here’s a step by step process to establish your very own personal prayer team.

What do personal prayer partners do?

They individually pray 3 to 4 times a week for you, your family, your ministry and anything and everything else.

Who should be on your prayer team?

Choose 4-8 people who:
1. Love you.
2. Pray.
3. Display proven loyalty and integrity.

They do not need to be key leaders, staff or board members however they solid be actively involved in your church.

Please note: confidentiality is primary so if someone breaks confidence remove them permanently from this team.

How often should you meet with them?

Once every two months for 45 mins. Straight after a Sunday service is ideal.

What happens when I met with them?

1. Appoint one of the team to be the scribe who takes notes, circulates them to the team and brings the previous meeting’s notes to the meeting. You should have no administrative role in this team.
2. Thank the team for praying.
3. Talk through the previous meeting’s notes, telling the team answers to prayers and what needs ongoing prayer.
4. Share new prayer points. Include all types of needs: family, church, personal, travel itineraries, concerns, opportunities.

What if something comes up in between meetings?

We use a WhatsApp group to keep our team up to date with requests and good news. Previously we would email our scribe the prayer request and ask them to circulate it to the group but WhatsApp is quicker and you can easily send videos and photos as well.

How much should I divulge?

Choose your own comfort level. Only tell this team what you want to tell them.

What do they not do?

1. Pray with you. Their task is to pray for you, not with you.
2. Pray with each other. They should pray individually as this makes it easily doable.
3. Give you prophetic words. If they perceive anything that should pray it through without passing it on to you. They are your prayer partners not prophets.

So why wait?

Set this team up and experience the difference that comes from focused, intentional prayer for you and your family.

John is a wellspring of information, experience and advice in all things church. His responses were often out of the box of what's been said before.
Ps Christie Blaikie
Oasis Church

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