This is THE Key to Church Growth


I think there is one key to church growth that outstrips all others.

In fact without this key your church will plateau, then decline and eventually die.

It’s a key like no other key.

And it’s very simple.

Can you guess what is the key?

Would you pay me to tell you?

Well, you don’t have to pay me or beg for it.

Let me just give it to you.

The Key To Church Growth


That’s it.

The one key.

Without visitors, church growth will never happen.

You might pray with all your heart that your church is going to grow.

You might have faith to believe for church growth.

You might even be desperate enough to fast.

Even give up coffee. OK, I’m going too far now.

But if new people don’t come through the door then your church will not grow. Period.

Ask Yourself And Your Team These Three Questions

1. How does our website look to a visitor?

Check out your website on your phone.

If it’s hard to read and navigate around then people will be abandoning it quickly.

Over 50% of net traffic is on phones these days so if your website is not built with responsive design it will look ugly on a phone and rob your church of an opportunity to grow.

Check out your website on your phone right now.

Is it hard to read?

Difficult to navigate?

If yes, it’s vital to get an upgrade.

key to church growth

Photo courtesy of MokshaDolphin(CC Attribution)

  2. What do we do with visitors once they arrive?

Analyse each step your visitors take and keep asking what can we do differently that makes them feel welcome.

How difficult is it for our visitors to find a parking bay?

Is our foyer cluttered?

Are the signs broken?

Can parents find the children’s ministry easily and are they met by a responsible adult?

These things matter to visitors and unfortunately, we become blind to their value and impact upon new people.

Also, do you get their contact details? If you don’t you have no way to follow them up, connect with them and encourage them to come back for a second visit.

A simple church visitor connect card is one of the most vital strategies for church growth. Churches can resist using connect cards and I have written about the 5 reasons why churches don’t use visitor connect cards. Check it out.

Want more visitors? 

Our proven 51 point checklist will help you get more visitors coming back for a second visit

3. What do we do with visitors once they leave?

Do you do anything?

If not, why not?

What stops you from contacting visitors.

Are you afraid?

Perhaps you are not sure what to say?

Analyse your reasons and work on some solutions.

If yes, then ask yourself how can it be improved. I

think we can always learn new ways to do old things lead our church into continuous improvement.

Work hard on those answers and you will build a welcoming church that will be well positioned for growth.


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