How Can You Increase Your Capacity And Finish More Projects?


Let’s face it. Unfinished projects are a pain. Unfulfilled dreams are a nightmare. They are like angry dogs snapping and snarling at our feet. So how can you increase your capacity and finish more projects?

Sometimes people don’t realize that the reason they have a plethora of unfinished projects lying at their feet is their lack of capacity.

Although it appears that they lack the ability to finish what they’ve launched the real key is their lack of capacity.

So the answer is not to try harder or frenetically increase the workload but to focus on increasing your capacity to handle more.

How do you do that?

Well firstly you need to realize that it is possible to increase your capacity. Your creative powers as well as your coping abilities can be enlarged. Capacity is not a static commodity. It can grow.

When your capacity increases then you can not only start more projects you can actually move beyond the idea stage to the launch phase and ultimately to the completion moment. That moment is gold! The moment of vision fulfilment.

Here’s just a few ways I’ve seen my capacity increase.

When traversing through a year of deep depression some 18 years ago I was in a world of pain and despair.

Increase Your Capacity And Finish More Projects

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However, I had made the decision to remain a man of prayer.

While in prayer one morning I had an encounter with Christ.

I had a mental picture of a hand reaching down from heaven and holding me by my shirt collar. My arms and legs dangled in the air like a rag doll. At that moment the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said “You can let go but I never will”.

That word penetrated the dark fog in my mind and gave me hope that I would journey out the other side of this hellish tunnel.

In the moment truth (I call it revelation, you can call it what you like!) increased my capacity to journey onward, to not stop, but instead to trust the ability of Christ. I discovered God could get me through any scenario.

Another way to increase your capacity is accountability.

Now I’m not talking about an accountability group where you can confess your dark deeds but a candid relationship with a coach, mentor, or a trusted friend.

Someone who will listen, ask probing questions and call you out when you play the victim card. Someone who won’t allow you to get into the blame game or make pathetic excuses.

This ‘third party’ brings a set of fresh eyes to your projects and courage to your heart as they refuse to let you settle for mediocre efforts.

A third way to increase your capacity is by growing your financial intelligence.

My wife Dianne and I made a seismic shift in our financial world many years ago because we realised we had a limited capacity in our thinking about money. This limited our handling of money and ultimately limited our ability to what we really wanted to do with our lives.

So we jumped into the investment world.

I’ll never forget the day I bought my first shares. I pressed enter on the laptop and then thought “What have I done?!?!” I felt fear and greed all mixed up as one in my mind!

Increase Your Capacity And Finish More Projects

Photo courtesy of Iman Mosaad(CC ShareALike)

Our investment journey has taught me so many things and made me a larger person who gets more done.

Am I suggesting you do what we did? Of course not!

However, there’s no doubt in my mind that you can increase your capacity and finish more projects by growing your financial intelligence.

Well this is not an exhaustive list but it may cause you to ponder on the ways Christ has enlarged you and thus increased your fruitfulness.

How do you think you could increase your capacity and finish more projects?


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