Today I’m launching a new series of posts.

The topic will be how to grow a healthy church.

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I think every pastor who wants to honor Christ wants to grow a healthy church.

While size matters, & I don’t know a pastor who doesn’t want to grow a larger church, quality is a crucial factor in church life. Let’s face it, no one wants to be in a sick church!

So I think most pastors & church leaders are deeply interested in church health.

So what makes a church healthy?

Good question! And I’ll be giving a lot of thought into what contributes to church health & what robs a church of its health.

I will post on this topic on average about once every week or two.

I will be drawing on my 30 years experience as a pastoral leader & will cover many aspects of  this topic.

However I’m very interested in what YOU think makes a church healthy. Your input will be vital to these posts.

So if there’s something you’d like me post on feel free to add a comment & journey with me as we discuss this really important topic.


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  1. Preaching with a VISION is more important than pride. A word from GOD during the Sermon is very important. Stand before the congregation as who you are then expect the LORD to speak to the people.

    Man in CHRIST
    Bro.David M A

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