Say please & thank you … often

Ask for the preferred length of time for your message & stick to it

Follow any theme you are given

Ask permission before you deviate from this theme

Give your hosts your undivided attention … so leave your emails/txts/tweeting for later

Behave like a guest

Be genuinely interested in what the church is doing

Resist all temptations to “go one better”

Speak highly of the pastors in front of their church

Be flexible

Discipline is best done by parents not guests, so never berate the host church

Feel free to tell some stories of what you are achieving – it will both inspire & stimulate people

Build on what the pastor is already doing

Promote what the church is promoting

Help the pastor increase membership, salvations, volunteering & giving

Expect to leave a spiritual deposit


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  1. Well said John! I hope I fulfilled all of that and am invited back someday! Your church rocks! Johnny Lee Clary

  2. Thanks folks & yes Johnny you ticked all the boxes & more – even read our web site before coming to our church … & yes we will have you back!

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