How to increase your volunteer numbers this year # 1

Church health is increased when pastors mobilise their members to serve.

And at this time of year every pastor is looking to mobilise as many people as possible so this week I’ll provide some tips to increase your volunteer numbers.

first serve

Tip # 1 Use the First Serve method.

A First Serve is an excellent way to help your members who lack confidence in their ability or who are uncertain where they want to serve.

It’s a one off, low risk opportunity to try something new. Basically it’s taste and see.

If they like it, then offer them ongoing involvement.

If they didn’t, then offer them another First Serve in a different department.

Keep trying until you find their right fit.

WARNING: First Serve only works when you have a diligent evaluation system in place that ensures the First Server is followed up and has a chance to debrief on their First Serve.


Tomorrow we’ll look at Tip # 2 Tap on the shoulder

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