My wife Di is haring on the blog today!

What is your greatest joy in doing ministry as a couple?

This is the question I asked pastors, via a written survey, at three different conferences. These are my top twelve responses from the seventy three delegates who completed the survey form.

1. She fills my lack in gifting, ability and focus

2. Her encouragement, wisdom and ministry skills

3. Seeing her grow in the Lord

4. Doing life together, complementing each other, bringing a different perspective


5. Her grace and strength always compensate for my lack and weaknesses

6. Doing something important with my wife

7. Strength, wisdom and support

8. Her input and presence

9. Seeing her shine in her role and being fulfilled in that

10. My partner in everything

11. Being able to share the burden and joy, ups and downs

12. Having the partnership, support and love of another, same vision and working together

Pastor, what is your greatest joy about doing ministry with your wife?

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