I Can Help You
Navigate Through This Crisis

Let me Help You
Unscramble the Scramble

Church has changed.

The whirlwind of crisis has every church leader scrambling and stress levels are through the roof.

Flying solo will only make it worse.

The good news is you don’t need to go it alone.

During 30 years of pastoring I led our church through times of crisis and I can help you navigate your church into a better day.

Focus on Your Needs

1. Boost Online Engagement

Online engagement is crucial in the coming weeks. Let me help you plan a realistic schedule.

2. Pastors Self Care

Accurate assessement and a clear path forward will save you unnecessary heartache.

3. Financial Health

Church has changed. I will help you assess the best way forward for your church.

Tangible Benefits

1. Improved online engagement

2. fresh hope

3. clarity to raise income


$500 for 4 Coaching Sessions

One 60 min session/week for 4 weeks

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