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You Can Get Unstuck
with a

Grow a Healthy Church Consult

Are You Stuck?

Have you ever led the church of your dreams?

Have you ever come to the place where today’s reality matched yesterday’s prayers?

When that does not happen, it can be frustrating.

Disappointment can set in.

The feeling of being stuck and not being able to progress.

I have been there.

As I changed my focus to growing a healthy church, things changed.

We got some ‘medical’ advice and moved on in the right direction.

I can help you do the same.

Get the passion back, get some advice and progress, with a fresh set of eyes.

Four mistakes
church leaders make

MISTAKE 1 - Flying solo

In today’s complex world every pastor needs an experienced coach to help them navigate current leadership challenges

MISTAKE # 2 Pastoring like it is the 20th century

Pastoring has dramatically changed this century and a new day demands a new approach

MISTAKE # 3 Focus on growth not health

Pastors focussed on church growth end up frustrated and confused by the lack of results

MISTAKE # 4 Lack of fresh eyes

Every church gets healthier when fresh eyes look at current programs and routines

A Grow a Healthy Church Consult
Will Deliver Six Tangible Benefits

1. Clear Next Steps

You will get clarity about your immediate next steps as you focus on the key elements that improve church health.

1. Clear Next Steps

2. Focus On Growth Engines

Ian will help you focus on improving the growth engines of your church which will boost your church’s health.

2. Focus On Growth Engines

3. Measurable Outcomes

Your goal may be increased attendance, more leaders, balancing ministry and family, raising more money or building emotional resilience. Ian will help you achieve a measurable outcome.

4. One-on-One Coaching

You will receive follow up coaching from Ian as he supports you in the implementation of the consult recommendations.

4. One-on-One Coaching

5. Current Best Practices

You will benefit from Ian’s ministry which exposes him to current best practices around the globe.

5. Current Best Practices

6. Safe Place

Ian has 12 years of pastoral experience and has grown a church in Europe from 45 to 450 members, in two locations, almost half of that time being bivocational.

Access my years of pastoral leadership experience

I have 12 years of pastoral experience.

As Lead Pastor at C3 Rivers Church (Arnhem, The Netherlands) I led our church from a campus church of 45 members to a full member church with 450 members, in two locations. We are currently in the process of starting a third and fourth location as well as acquiring our own building. I am also on the leadership team of C3 Church Europe.

In 2016 and 2017 I engaged John Finkelde as a Grow a Healthy Church consultant, which led to significant growth and health in my personal leadership as well as in the life of our church. Being bivocational by nature, I became a GAHC consultant for Europe/UK in 2020.

I have an Advanced Diploma in Leadership from Hillsong College and an Undergraduate Degree in Econometrics and Operational Research from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

I have been married for 12 years and have two sons and a daughter. I am the author of The Norman Factor (Printopya, USA), a book about a life and death scenario my wife and I went through and the supernatural lessons I learned through it.

Ian Borkent

What Happens in a
Standard Consult?

CONSULT health evaluation


Comprehensive analysis of 12 key health indicators in your church


Ian spends 6 hours with the pastor discussing key issues facing your church


Training sessions for your key leaders and volunteers


One-on-one interviews with your key leaders

CONSULT board coaching


Introduce current best governance practices

Sunday Ministry

Preach in your Sunday service

grow a healthy church Hub resources


Two months free membership of the Hub, your one stop resource centre

CONSULT written report


On the last day of the consult Ian presents a comprehensive, written report with reflections of your church’s health and clear, next step recommendations

CONSULT coaching


Ian coaches the pastor for 12 months to help them implement the recommendations

Choose your Package


  • 4 coaching sessions
  • Reentry advice
  • Analysis of 7 key metrics

Standard Consult

  • Four day weekend visit​
  • Analyse 12 elements of church's health​
  • Two leadership training sessions​
  • Board coaching​
  • 12 months coaching​
  • Analysis of 7 key metrics​
  • 6 key leader interviews​
  • Sunday ministry​
  • Written report with clear next steps​

Premium Consult

  • Four day weekend visit​
  • Two day mid-week visit​
  • Guest at our church
  • Analyse 12 elements of church's health​
  • Four leadership training sessions​
  • Board coaching​
  • 12 months coaching​
  • Analysis of 7 key metrics​
  • 6 key leader interviews​
  • Sunday ministry​
  • Written report with clear next steps​


Questions You Might Have

Sunday – Sunday Service ministry, Leader interviews, Key Leader Training

Monday – Pastor interview, Leader interviews, Board Coaching

Tuesday – Pastor interview, Leader interviews, Volunteer Training

Wednesday – present recommendations

BASIC 6 x 30 min monthly coaching sessions

STANDARD | PREMIUM 12 x30 min monthly coaching sessions

No. All offerings and honorariums received during a visit can be deducted from the annual fee.

No. All airfares are covered by the host church.

Yes. When you download the Price Guide we send you a sample report.

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