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Church Giving Online Platforms: 2024 Review of 8 Solutions

church online giving

Technology has transformed how people connect with churches today from attending services virtually to engaging on social media. The rise of mobile devices has also digitized how church members tithe and give.

Online giving for churches has transformed how churches receive their tithes and offerings. Offering bags have disappeared from many churches.

As more church members prefer the convenience of online, mobile, and text giving, implementing a modern digital solution is key for churches. The right platform can simplify and streamline the giving pathway across generations.

Over my 4 decades of ministry experience, I’ve discovered that all church leaders want to avoid cash flow challenges while providing the simplest method for their members to be generous and consistent in their giving.

How do People Give Money to Their Church?

In the 21st-century church, there are multiple options for people to give their tithe, one-off offerings, building fund pledges, and recurring mission giving. The options include in-service offerings, church foyer kiosk stations, mobile giving apps, website giving pages, and live-streaming platforms.

But with so many church technologies now vying for attention, selecting the right online giving for churches can get overwhelming.

I surveyed my Facebook group and Twitter to discover the best online giving platforms for churches. The results of these unscientific polls and small samples showed Tithely was very popular with people who engage with my social media channels.

Facebook Group

8 Church Giving Online Platforms – Review

Our 2024 review of 8 church giving software will help church leaders assess their options and continue to operate with the best practices in church finances. The review focuses on core features, integrations, user experience, security, pricing, and more. 

Let’s dive into this 2024 comparison of these church-giving online platforms for churches:







I have used Tithely extensively for giving at our church and conferences. I found it simple and easy to use for my monthly tithing and recurring Beyond Missions giving. Our church stopped using Tithely so I now give through our church website which is not as convenient.

However, it’s not a barrier to me as I’ve been giving to my church for 50 years and I am not about to stop because it’s minusculely more difficult,

I have had limited experience with Pushpay and found it easy to use.

I haven’t used the other 6 platforms in this review so I’ve relied on the net to give me an objective view of their relative strengths and weaknesses.

I think this 2024 review will give you guidelines as you explore what’s the best option for your church.

Features and Capabilities

Digital giving is far from the only functionality contemporary churches need to operate efficiently in the 21st century.

These days online giving for churches goes beyond basic giving features and offer other key capabilities which include:

Church Management Modules

Church management software includes member databases, groups, scheduling, mass email and texting, attendance tracking, and more. Pushpay leads here with church management at the enterprise scale. Givelify focuses solely on optimizing donations.

Fundraising Campaigns

Most churches utilize a standalone annual giving campaign for buildings, missions, special projects, and outreach events. Church online giving platforms gain an advantage when offering customizable pages and support for these campaigns. All platforms have basic fundraising features except Vanco.

Analytics and Reporting

The top-shelf church giving online platforms provide an ability to track and segment giving sources and members. This can include monitoring campaigns and engagement metrics. These can give you valuable insights to guide significant decisions. Limited reporting capabilities were a drawback for Gateway Ticketing.

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Who has the best church giving app?

iOS and Android app solutions are an essential addition for those tech-savvy church members.

User-friendly apps provide a simple way for church members to respond during a service or any time during the week.

Church administrators are always on the lookout for the best online giving options for churches.

Platforms like TIthely, Pushpay, Givelify, and others offer user-friendly apps and flexibility for church members.

I am a geek so I love apps that simplify life and make giving easier.

Tithely’s app is known for its user-friendly interface and ease of use. I found it simple to set up and use whenever I used it in church or at conferences.

Pushpay’s app is also highly rated for its user experience. It offers a variety of features to help donors give, including recurring donations, text-to-give, and mobile giving kiosks.

Vanco’s app is designed to be straightforward.

Breeze’s app is integrated with the Breeze church management system, which makes it easy for church administrators to manage donations and track giving trends. The app also allows donors to give quickly and easily.

Givelify’s app is known for its mobile-first design and ease of use.

Overall, all of the platforms listed offer user-friendly apps that make it easy for donors to give and for church administrators to manage donations and track giving trends.

Church giving software comes into its own when your pastor is preaching on money and giving people an opportunity to give to a special project. People can respond immediately while in their seats and are moved to respond generously.

Kiosk Solutions

It’s worth ascertaining whether your platform of choice has options for on-site kiosks, stations, and swipe card integrations to collect in-person giving. These options will vary across providers.

Ease of Use

Simple and easy is highly valued for church giving online platforms. Here are some excellent questions to ask when you are assessing the church giving software:

How intuitive is the platform for a church administrator to operate and track data?

How simple is it for members to use?

How responsive is the support?

How accessible is the documentation?

Vanco led here with the most beginner-friendly interface. There is a steeper learning curve with more sophisticated tools like Pushpay.

Integrations and Compatibility

Given most churches use a mix of technology stacks, this review looks extensively at the integrations and compatibility each giving solution offers.

Tithely, Givelify, and Pushpay shine in seamlessly connecting with popular church tech platforms like: 

– Planning Center

– Church Community Builder

– FellowshipOne

– IconCMO

– ChurchTrac

– Subsplash

Interestingly, Tithely partnered directly with Planning Center to optimize a simplified data flow between the tools. 

Top providers also integrate donation summaries directly with church accounting platforms like QuickBooks Online, Planning Center Accounts, and Xero.

Online giving for churches is generally device-agnostic. They platforms work across leading hardware like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

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Customization and Branding

Churches like maintaining their brand identity and community culture. We tracked customization features that allowed flexibility for churches to personalize their solutions: 


This platform offers the most tailored options for churches to control fonts, colors, and logo placement across giving web pages. This can be helpful or could be seen as a distraction for time-poor churches wanting a set-and-forget solution.


Tithely allows uploading custom church graphics and images to create recognizable giving portals. 


They fully white-label their mobile app but have template restrictions on some web configurations.


Pushpay offers branded apps while also partnering with churches to build customized features. However, this comes at an added cost.

User Experience and Member Engagement

At its heart, church technology success depends on driving consistent member engagement. Therefore, evaluating the end-user giving experience across platforms is essential. 

Givelify leads this by far with a simple and intuitive mobile-first interface. There are minimal steps for secure giving from anywhere.

Breeze includes its giving modules directly inside a central church member dashboard allowing simplified access. 

Pushpay offers automated giving management features for members like easily updating card details. This is especially helpful for recurring giving.

church online giving

Security and Compliance

Securing sensitive giving data is non-negotiable and a vital aspect of providing comfort to people who are nervous about using church giving software. This review includes an analysis of the provider’s cybersecurity and compliance across:

– Data encryption levels

– Server infrastructure

– Backup systems

– PCI compliance for transactions

– GDPR standards

All solutions leverage high-grade 256-bit SSL encryption and data redundancy across cloud servers—most conduct routine external audits to benchmark security protections further. Pushpay confirmed compliance certificates can be accessed under client agreements.

Pricing Models Compared

Pricing can vary based on the level of platform customization and specific product bundles. Most implement transparent models based on: 

– Church size tier brackets

– Monthly subscription costs

– Per-transaction processing fees

Tithely and Pushpay offer discounted bundles when integrating church management capabilities.

Givelify charges only annual subscriptions with no upfront fees. 

Vanco offers the most basic plan tiers starting under $10/month for collecting online donations. But they lack extensive features or analytics. 

Please note that these fees may vary depending on a church’s specific plan or tier. It’s always best to check with the individual provider for the most up-to-date and accurate pricing information.

Here is a table for the onboarding fees of the 8 online giving platforms:

PlatformOnboarding Fee
Tithely, Pushpay, Vanco, Breeze, Givelify, Txt2Give, GiveWP, Anedot$0

As you can see, all of the platforms listed offer free onboarding. This means churches will not have to pay any upfront costs to start online giving.

It’s important to note that some platforms may charge additional fees for setup or customization beyond the basic onboarding process. It’s always best to check with the individual provider for more information on their specific fees and pricing structure.

Pros and Cons Summary

Based on the criteria above, here is a high-level pros vs cons breakdown across the digital giving solutions:

Software Pros Cons
Tithely – Depth of analytics dashboards.
– Planning Center optimized integration.
– Clean and fast mobile experience.
– Donor management capabilities.
– Clunky UX detracts non-tech-savvy users.
– Complex pricing model adds hidden long-term costs.
Pushpay – Customization via open API.
– Scales for high donation volumes.
– Member management functionalities.
– Global presence and multi-language support.
– Clunky UX detracts non tech-savvy users.
– Complex pricing model adds hidden long-term costs.
Vanco – Beginner-friendly dashboard.
– Broad denominational clientele and materials.
– Directly integrated church accounting.
– Quick onboarding.
– Very basic analytics and reporting.
– Limited custom branding options.
– Fundraising features lacking.
Txt2Give – Easy text-based giving process; highly accessible.
– Quick setup and user-friendly interface for both donors and church.
– Some users may find text giving less intuitive.
– Limited in features compared to more comprehensive platforms.
GiveWP – Integrates seamlessly with WordPress, perfect for churches with WordPress sites.
– Provides robust reporting and donation management tools.
– Primarily designed for WordPress, may not be ideal for non-WordPress users.
– The free version has limitations; premium features require payment.
Anedot – Supports a wide range of campaign types beyond church giving.
– Offers powerful analytics and donor targeting features.
– More suited for political and nonprofit fundraising than specifically for churches.
– Interface can be complex for new users.
Breeze – Bundled into broader church management suite.
– Familiar interface for users.
– Optimized workflows connecting data.
– Strong customer support.
– Charges can increase significantly for advanced capabilities.
– Mobile app user experience could improve.
Givelify – Frictionless and intuitive mobile donations.
– Rapid deployment.
– All-size church expertise.
– Member “Giving History” feature fosters engagement.
– Web tools and customization more restricted. – Lacks church management capabilities some may expect.

best Online Giving Platforms for Churches by Size 

The right church giving online platform for your technology depends significantly on your church size and growth stage: 

Small Churches

The best online giving platforms for small churches may be Vanco or Givelify which provide simple interfaces and quick deployment.

church giving software

Medium Size Churches

Mid-size churches may be looking to balance costs with the benefit of analytics to track community engagement and giving trends. Breeze provides this neatly bundled together.

Large Churches

Larger churches and multi-site congregations may be looking for advanced tools like Tithely and Pushpay to support high donation volumes, church management database integration, and lower transaction fees.

Key Evaluation Criteria 

Here are key questions leaders should ask when they assess the best online giving platforms for churches:

– Does the provider specialize primarily in faith-based clients and understand intricacies like tithing terminology? 

– How easily can staff and leaders administer and monitor giving reporting dashboards?

– Will the solution seamlessly integrate with any legacy databases, church management, or accounting platforms already in use? 

– Are member-facing payment pages intuitive for givers young and old without being overly templated? 

– How flexible is the solution if the church seeks custom integrations and branded experiences in the future?

And more broadly, does the partner share the values and overarching vision of the ministry? Even with the most functionally robust solution, alignment in faith-focused relationships and support cannot be understated.

The Bottom Line 

Selecting digital platforms to facilitate essential church functions like giving and tithes collection is complex. As community needs and technology advances, no solution remains perfect forever either.

However, churches can find the right starting point by focusing on core priorities around security, customization flexibility, mobile capabilities, data-driven insights, and ease of use. The solutions above check most if not all those boxes. 

Just as churches invest heavily in the physical expansion and tools to grow a healthy church, evaluating modern digital infrastructure enables sustaining communities and connections for the long run too. 

What key evaluation factors or insights from the digital giving review above resonated most or brought helpful clarity?


Can churches use PayPal for online giving? 

Yes. PayPal can collect payments for your church. The advantage is that PayPal is a well-known platform familiar to your church members and is a secure method of donating money to your church.

How much does PayPal charge for donations?

Payment TypeRate
Donate Button2.89% + fixed fee
PayPal Fundraisers (Listed Fundraisers)2.99%
PayPal Fundraisers (Unlisted Fundraisers)No Fee
PayPal Checkout for Donations2.89% + fixed fee

Is it better to donate with PayPal or a credit card?

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