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I Love Podcasts

I am an avid listener to podcasts when I am in my car, at the gym, or on a walk. Podcasts are a powerful medium giving us access to tone and feel which is harder to get from the written word.

I’ve wanted to get into podcasting for some years.

I am familiar with producing online content as I’ve produced video and audio content for the Hub over the last 7 years.

In recent years I’ve spoken at online conferences including That Church Conference, Worship Summit Live, First Impressions Conference, and others.

Also, I’ve been interviewed on a range of podcasts including 95 Network, 200 Churches, Unseminary, and more.

All this experience has made me feel that podcasting is a natural fit for me.

A Podcast to Help Your Church Build a Leadership Pipeline

The Build a Leadership Pipeline podcast will be a 27-episode podcast, a limited series if you like, jammed with practical solutions for pastors and church leaders.

Pastor you can boost the serving culture in your church

Take a simple 3 min quiz and get personalized results with actionable solutions


It will be especially helpful for churches as they endeavor to bounce back from the pandemic’s impact on serving. Churches around the globe have struggled to get people back into a serving mode. Trust me, the serving challenge is real.

And it’s a problem beyond churches. Last year I was told by a reliable source that volunteering in Australia is down 25% since the pandemic.

People have hibernated. They’ve stepped back and taken stock of their lives and made decisions that have impacted the serving culture of all organizations, not just churches.

I think it’s time to reverse this trend especially as believers need to take up our cross and sacrificially serve Christ.

The hibernation needs to end.

OK preaching over!

Download the podcast today.

More Podcasts Coming

I am thinking big this year and will be starting at least one more podcast.

The Grow a Healthy Church podcast will be coming out before the middle of the year.

This podcast will be my regular, ongoing podcast and at this stage, I am thinking of releasing an episode every two weeks.

I will leverage my 4 decades of experience to share about church health, pastoral ministry, and church leadership, and hope to help many church leaders.

And There’s More

One of my good friends, Mark Edwards, suggested there’s a niche in the podcast world for interviews with Australian pastors.

I was inspired and thought, let’s do this.

I plan to launch a third podcast (yes crazy eh!) in the second half of the year. A podcast of interviews with regular Australian pastors

My podcast dreams are big but I am willing to have a go and see what happens.

PS I have other news about my YouTube channel but let’s leave that for another blog post.

Pastor you can boost the serving culture in your church

Take a simple 3 min quiz and get personalized results with actionable solutions

John is a wellspring of information, experience and advice in all things church. His responses were often out of the box of what's been said before.
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