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We will be giving away a 12 month Hub membership during the 5 Day Refill

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john finkelde

About Your Host John finkelde

I have been in ministry for 4 decades, 30 years as a pastor and 11 as a church consultant.

I’ve experienced seasons of exhilarating joy and  debilitating pressure.

I’ve survived cancer, depression and heartbreaking events.

I’ve discovered essential keys to emotional buoyancy which I know can help church leaders through any season of immense pressure.

Join me for my simple 5 day refill and give yourself a boost.

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The 5 Day Refill is ideal for pastors, church staff, church leaders, church board  members and anyone serving in their church who is looking to refresh sustainability habits.

No catch, this is completely free. However you do need to go through the 5 day refill in order to get the best results, and you will only have access to the refill material until 18 March.

The 5 day refill starts on Monday 27 February. However we will be opening up the Facebook group on 24 February for some pre-discussions and this group will be kept open for 2 weeks after the event, enabling you to get additional support and feedback after the refill end

Yes we will be giving away a 12 month Hub membership.

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We Start Monday 27 February Enter your details below to join us:

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