I’ve just published my third book, Preaching in a Whatever World.

And am in the process of releasing two more in the next 6 weeks!

I never thought I’d become an author. It crept up on me.

So here’s 3 keys to writing (and publishing) a book.

1. Start!

Just start writing. Don’t wait for inspiration. Just work hard & the creative juices will flow. Thirty minutes a day is a good starting point.  Within 3 months you will have the makings of your first book.

2. Stay within your passion.

Words will flow easier when you are writing in your passion.

3. Get advice from authors

A young man rang me last week seeking advice on writing a book. My advice saved him time, money & heartache.

And remember Winston Churchill said books start out like lovers & end up as tyrants. So don’t be surprised if you find it an uphill journey.

Here’s one of our books which is now available on Amazon, Raising Great Kids.