How do you lead through a loss?

The first two rounds of my favourite sport, AFL football are complete.

Teams are dealing with losses & for some the complete evaporation of hope after a terrible start to the season.

How do transformational leaders lead thru loss?

What’s one key thing to do when your church or organisation has had a big loss, plateaued or even worse is going backwards?

Lead thru a loss

Here it is: face the brutal facts of your current reality.

James Collins in his classic book Good to Great (affiliate link) wrote about the Stockdale Paradox in which he referred to the coping strategy of Vice Admiral Jim Stockdale while he was a POW in the Vietnam war.

Stockdale’s strategy involved two seemingly contradictory elements.

The first element was simply face the brutal facts of your current reality. No room for unfounded optimism or defeatist pessism – just be real.

Stockdale coupled this “brutal fact facing” with what appears to be a paradoxical attitude: have faith that you will prevail in the end.

Transformational leaders find the courage to face the brutal facts while instilling into their team a prevailing spirit.

Where do you find this courage?

1. Look back at previous moments of triumph.

2. Seek Christ for Spirit empowered strength.

3. Never face the brutal facts alone. Work with your team for a brighter future.

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