Springpad or Evernote – which is best?

A few months ago I posted on my new found love for Springpad when I threw Evernote under the bus.

But recently I’ve retrieved Evernote & thrown Springpad under the bus!

Springpad is still far superior visually but Evernote has just too much going for it.

And especially since they upgraded the app for the Honeycomb OS on my Android tablet. Now it’s much more user friendly on my tablet & has a cleaner interface.

So what do I use Evernote for?

Basically ANYTHING I want to recall.

And I do mean anything.

I put emails in it, photos, conference notes, blog post ideas, shopping lists, sermons, ideas, helpful tweets, KL packing list – anything.

Of course the beauty of Evernote is its search ability. Forget tagging. All you need to do is remember one word, search it & Evernote will find it for you. Superb!

Plus I can access all my Evernote material from my phone, laptop, tablet & any computer in the world.

Michael Hyatt is an Evernote raving fan – check out his Evernote posts to discover more about this amazing app.

PS It’s free!


  • http://dchapman.wordpress.com Darren Chapman

    Ok ok I’ll try Evernote! I’ve been a Springpad fan for a few months now but seems like more and more people are talking of Evernote! Maybe AFTER KL though :)

  • http://about.me/alexhuggett Alex

    I like Evernote so much I paid for the premium features. Keep notes local in your mobile phone app (selectively), searchable text in images, more uploads although I don’t use it that much. Springpad looks sweet but no local copy killed it for me – if the service goes so does your data. If Evernote ever closes my data is still on my computer.

    • http://johnfinkelde.com John Finkelde

      Good point Alex

  • http://dchapman.wordpress.com Darren Chapman

    Ok. Tried it, copied everything from Springpad over and got iPhone, iPad and PC app. NICE. Paid for a month of premium as I’m going overseas and accidently bought a whole year’s subscription! Oh well. Looks like I’m an Evernote fan now!

    Thanks John for the blog!

    • http://johnfinkelde.com John Finkelde