This is helping my prayer life

This year I’ve been using a helpful resource to stimulate my prayer life.

It’s Phil Pringle’s book Inspired to Pray: The Art of Seeking God (affiliate link).

Inspired to pray

It’s a daily devotional style containing Scripture on prayer, poetry & some practical thoughts on prayer. I’ve had the book for years but am finally getting around to using it.

I find my devotional world needs a lift every now & again. And I use resources like this one to give me that lift.

The other day Phil focussed on abiding in Christ, the classic passage in John 15.

So what’s it mean to abide in Christ?

For me it means this …

Where does your …


… actually come from?

Does my help come from the hills … or the creator of the hills?

If these come from Christ then I think it shows you are abiding (dwelling, living) in & with a deep awareness of Christ & His desires for you.

What’s it mean to you?