What does God expect of a pastor’s wife?

Where do you go to find God’s expectation of a Pastor’s Wife?

Must be the Bible!

She definitely has to be in there, in the Scriptures, with a full description of her required character and responsibilities in the life of a church.

The Pastor’s Wife plays, and is expected to play, a vital role in church life; so she had to be included in Scripture somewhere.

So to the Scriptures I went.

pastors wife

I was looking for the Pastor’s Wife but really I was looking for me.

To find myself in the pages of my Bible so I would know who I was and what I was meant to be doing because I found myself drowning under both real and perceived expectation.

What did God say about the Pastor’s Wife and what was God’s expectation of her?

To my amazement I couldn’t find her on any of the pages of my Bible.

She isn’t there.

So what does God expect of a Pastor’s Wife?

From what I can see, bottom line, it’s exactly the same as His expectation for any woman who is a follower of Christ.

When I discovered this a freeing feeling of relief flooded through my soul and the great burden of my imaged God expectation lifted off my shoulders, leaving me with a ‘Now I can do this, I can be the Pastor’s Wife’.

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  1. Keith Humphrey says

    This is from her husband who loves her and can see through all the nonsense she has had to sit through without hurling a few rocks back: she has to be “Called” by God in a similar fashion to her spouse, to a life of unique service and compassion, blessed with unique gifts of the Spirit, and a incredible patience as she is the one who waits until the burdens of ministry are carried through her front door; otherwise she could never be able to stand on the “wobbly knees and heaviness of heart and soul” which appear to be part and parcel of her “Calling”…and I thank God every day for having been so blessed.

    • Dianne Finkelde says

      Keith. I love it that you love and understand your wife – ‘living with her in knowledge’ . She is also blessed

  2. Becky says

    Exactly!!! I believe 80% of the challenges ministers’ wives face, all christian women face. Approximately 20% of our challenges are unique to our calling and role as a Minister’s wife. We can’t blame the ministry for all of life’s difficulties. We must examine whether we are struggling with self- imposed expectations or unrealitistic expectations from church members and then seek to be who He has designed us to be!

    • Dianne Finkelde says

      Becky, I agree. It is so easy to get caught up in the self imposed or unrealistic expectation of others. That’s where I came undone, but am I wiser woman now.

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