My # 1 regret for 2011

Regret is an interesting beast.

This year I learnt something about regret. A very good friend showed me that regret is a normal part of a grief process.

You look back.

You wish you could go back & change something.

You realise you can’t.

You feel sad, disappointed & discontent.

You then reconcile it & step towards tomorrow.

I’ve done quite a bit of that this year. And next year I will post about my regrets after 30 years of pastoring.

But today, here’s my # 1 regret for 2011.

It is not engaging a consultant for our succession process.

We had superb help from friends, our stellar overseers & experienced coaches whom we engaged for different aspects of our personal journey. However a genuine succession consultant who had been through this process would have brought expertise & inside knowledge at critical moments.

Leadership is often a mosaic of various things coming together to make a whole picture.

For me, a consultant was the missing piece in our mosaic this year.

Don’t get me wrong – we have had a superbly successful journey. But why not aim for the very best?

So regret is actually a good servant that teaches you a better way.

So what’s your biggest 2011 regret? Tell someone … it helps.

  • Eric Harrison

    A very helpful observation and one I will action. Question: Who would you identify as a succession consultant?

  • Steven Bolt

    Have always thought, when people say they have no regrets, they are just saying so because it sounds good……or they’re deluded.

    Not withstanding God’s ability to work with my previous acts of incompetence, there are lots of things I would still do over with hindsight.

    • John

      I saw a podcast the other nite where the speaker stated that feeling no regret is a sign you are a sociopath!