Here’s what I love about Easter

The focus on Jesus, His redemptive death & resurrection.

It’s a weekend that causes us to focus again on the foundations of our faith.

And that’s always a healthy thing.

May your Easter be truly blessed!


  • Keren O

    Lots of things but the one that stands today is the opportunities to talk about God.
    Can I share a little story with you?
    I’m a member of a large online community and on Tuesday morning I started a thread by asking “Do you know why you eat fish on Good Friday?” The response was amazing. Almost 2 days later the thread is still running, with 91 responses and almost 5000 views.
    The course of the thread has changed several times over. It started as a bit of a guessing game and then moved to a discussion about why people with no faith would blindly follow a christian tradition without questioning why. Then into a seriously in-depth discussion on church history with large smatterings of gospel. All the while Catholics and Protestants were sharing their own stories of fasting and sacrifice over Easter and Lent. And this is all on a public (Fairfax owned LOL) forum.
    Discussions about religion on this forum tend to derail and get quite nasty, but not this time. I’m feeling quite chuffed :)
    Have a lovely day.
    Keren O

    • John

      Very cool Keren and especially great to see the civil exchange of views