How to talk to your kids about sex

Mark Gungor is  a pastor who is passionate about strengthening marriages & families.

A friend of mine, Darren Chapman,  recommended his Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage DVD course to me so I started following Mark on twitter.

Recently I read one of Mark’s blog posts Talking to your Kids about Sex.

how to talk to your kids about sex

Well it’s just so practical & helpful.

A key thing I picked up from it is the ludicrous idea of the “sex talk” that you have with your kids. He rightly calls it a 1950’s concept.

Instead he encourages parents to take the many teaching moments that appear naturally in family life.

In fact I think this is what we actually did with our kids. Sometimes much to their chagrin!

I really love it when a leader/pastor/writer gives you a concept in a nutshell – the sex talk is so 1950’s. That will preach!

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  1. Steven Bolt says

    Vicky and I reluctantly watched “Laugh your way to a better marriage” recently, at some friends insistence. Laughed so hard! Afterthought, a couple that didn’t think they could learn anything from the course could at least spend a couple of quality hours together, having a good belly laugh. Gotta be value in that.

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