How Do Transformational Leaders Lead Change?

In my series on the transformational leader I am looking at the various aspects & skills of leadership. In this post I want to look at transformational lead change.

A key attribute of being a transformational leader is called individual consideration.

Primarily this is about working with people where they are at, in order to help get them to where they should be.


As I’ve written here a number of times Di & I are currently in a succession process & are now in the throes of our last laps as Senior Pastors at C3 Church Hepburn Heights.

As we’ve entered the final stages of this journey we’ve conducted numerous small group meetings over many months with different members of our church.

These have ranged from

– one on one chats

– morning teas

– dinners

– medium size groups.

This process has been particularly helpful to both ourselves & our church as we have carefully & sensitively helped members process the letting go of us as senior leaders & the embracing of our new senior pastors, Jase & Em Schroeder.

When you lead change we have taken time to sit with people, explain where we are at in the process, connect to their feelings, outline our exciting future & build faith for our church’s future has been hugely beneficial.

And that’s what transformational leaders do . They focus on people & what’s best for them. On the other hand transactional leaders care less about people & more about results.

lead change

So if you are leading significant change in your organisation take the time to consider how each individual is handling that change.  That’s being a transformational leader.

Trust me, they will all be doing their own individual journey.

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What’s the key thing you have learnt when you have lead change in your church?

  • Daniel Nihill

    Hi John,

    Great post! I have been reflecting and learning about how leading a large group is challenging because it is actually leading many individuals. Thanks for your post, it helps pull all the ideas together.

  • John

    Thanks Daniel & yes leading people & groups of people a complex!

  • Brian Webber

    I must admit I am a fan of this style of approach and would hope to think this is approach I take. To ask a question – how do you balance transformational leadership in line with the desire for strong growth? Do you need to accept that results will/may be slower with this approach?