Here’s what I love about Easter

I love hot cross buns with loads of butter!

I love the low key, mellow vibe of our Good Friday service

I love the relaxed holiday feel

I love the autumn weather

I love hearing afresh the narrative of Christ’s redeeming death & resurrection

I love the fact I never get to go away & experience the ridiculous crowds in holiday spots

What do you love about Easter?

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  • mickeyjuice

    FIVE live footy games! :-)

  • John Finkelde

    I have lost complete interest in this footy season – will renew interest in 2011 when maybe, just maybe the dockers will become competitive

  • Mel

    I love hanging out with friends.
    I love eating hot cross buns (or making them as we did on Friday!)
    I love going to church on Sunday to celebrate the fact that Jesus has risen! :)

  • Kiel

    Amen Mic!