A better filing system for preachers

Regular readers of my blog know I am a keen fan of Evernote & blogger Michael Hyatt.

I use Evernote extensively for all kinds of activities.

As you can see from this screen shot of my Evernote notebooks I use it for Messages, Conference Notes, Training Ideas, Blog Posts, Radio Show & so on.


Michael Hyatt is a productivity guru who has posted a very helpful post on how pastors can use Evernote as a filing system for illustrations, quotes, humour & more.

I’ve been using Evernote to store illustrations & humour for some time now.

I can cut & paste direct into Evernote or if someone emails me a brilliant story I forward it Evernote with “@Illus” in the Subject line. Evernote stores it in my Illus notebook. Brilliant!

Last year an elderly man wrote me a marvellous letter with a wonderful story of responding to my encouragement to get involved in his church. I scanned it & now it sits in my Illus Evernote notebook waiting for the right occasion to be used in a sermon.

Plus Evernote is completely searchable.

Sure beats the old paper & Lever Arch filing system.

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  • Brian Bernays

    how is this different/better than just filing things in folders on my PC / windows??

  • John

    Good question Brian

    Evernote is a cross platform app so your info is accessible via the web, smartphone & tablet/iPad at all times. So you can find any illustration anywhere at any time.

    Also Evernote is a marvellous system for storing anything so if you use it for one thing you start to use it for everything. Therefore there’s no more questioning “where did I put that?”. If it’s important you put it in Evernote.

    Evernote has an amazing search facility so all you need to do is remember one word in your illustration & hey presto Evernote finds it instantly!

    Hope that helps.