We used technology to build our family life

Last Monday nite we spent ages on Skype chatting to Luke & Megan (our son & his wife) who are currently living in London, backpacking for a couple of years.

It was so cool to actually SEE where they are living (even the view!), chat to one of their house mates & share what’s going on in our respective lives.

And for absolutely no cost!

Technology strengthened our family this week.

Love it!

  • James Middleton

    My fiancee lives in the US, Skype is our life blood! Still will be when we get married as we’ll undoubtedly skype with my fiancee’s parents when she moves here.

    The joys of technology! (When it works)

    • http://growahealthychurch.flywheelsites.com John Finkelde

      Yeah it has changed our lives forever