Why am I so useless at Facebook?

I remain amazed at the rapid growth of Facebook & Twitter & their impact upon connections.

It’s really got me wondering.

Are many churches using either Facebook or twitter effectively?

Personally, I generally happy with my mastery of twitter.

I use it to promote the blog, connect people to excellent resources (not just mine), ask for prayer, keep people informed about my life & engage with like minded people.

But Facebook. I’m pretty useless at it.

While I engage with people on Facebook we have a Grow a Healthy Church Facebook page that has been as neglected as a weed filled garden. It’s seriously embarrassing!

I think it could be a powerful tool to help grow healthy churches but I’m stuck.

So let me start a conversation.

Is your church using Facebook effectively?

How could your church use Facebook to help disciple believers & reach unbelievers?

How can I get unstuck & start effectively using Facebook for GaHC?

Hit me up with some feedback.


  • Adam Eadie

    Our Sunday School Co-Ordinator effectively uses facebook to get out rosters ans information to the leaders using a closed group. She also promotes any church events Through a couple of Church related pages. By having people subscribe to the page they get information pretty regularly and people tend to check their Facebook more than their emails. I also have my Twitter set up so that anything i post on Twitter also posts on Faxebook. Which i find is a great way of sharing those tweets that i find impacting with those outside the Twitterverse.

    • John

      Sounds like your SS Coordinator is using FB really well Adam, excellent work.

      My twitter also feeds thru to FB – saves double posting

  • Phillip Issel

    Hi Ps John, FB seems to work well with events & more social interaction. Personally I only check once or twice a week because there is too much “casual” “social” conversation that fills up from my group of friends so I have to sift out what is good and worth a comment or just like, in a nutshell most is a waste of good time.

    • John

      Thanks Phillip. Yes there is a lot of noise in social media that you have to filter.

      How are you using FB for your church events?

      Thanks for joining the conversation.

  • Ecushla

    I think churches that use fb just to promote their services and events do a disservice. There’s nothing worse than getting clogged with ads! I think the difference between fb and twitter is connection.

    Closed groups would be great to keep smaller connect/leader/music etc groups in touch (provided they are on fb of course).

    Our community group uses it to post funny pics, share life’s stresses n successes, ask for prayer, arrange social stuff etc – so another way to stay connected.

    Link a calendar to it for sure.

    Great way for pastors to communicate in more relaxed form during the week – on a mini blog ( as their life unfolds, as opposed to another message but on fb).

    Just keep in mind connection not program and that is the essence of fb. I thInk churches that would use it well would encourage personal interaction, allow discussion and only remove offensive posts, and see it as a way to foster community.

    • John

      Top shelf thoughts Cush. I agree about using FB more for interaction than promos.

      it’s interesting that the Status Update question on FB is “What’s on your mind?” not what do you want to yell!!

      Thanks for engaging