Use Evernote? Get this helpful resource

In my continuing series on how to increase your productivity I want to alert you to excellent little guide on one of my favourite productivity tools, Evernote.

Ron Edmondson, a pastor who blogs & I think  (like me) has some geek tendencies, has written a nice little introductory guide to evernote for pastors.

Actually anyone using Evernote would benefit from this introductory guide.

Ron outlines the benefits of Evernote & shows you how to get started.

He also unveils the cool things you can do in Evernote such as emailing to Evernote, clipping web pages, capturing pictures & it has an excellent search engine.

I use Evernote extensively in a variety of ways.

For instance, if you see a recipe in a magazine at a friend’s house but they won’t let you take it home. Snap a picture of it in Evernote & you will have it forever.

In fact this is the big deal about Evernote.

If you put everything into Evernote you will never ever again have to say – where did I put that? Just search Evernote & that recipe will be waiting for you. Forever.

Now while Ron’s guide, evernote for pastors is an excellent start you may be a power user who wants more … & has money to burn.

Evernote Essentials is a comprehensive guide to Evernote but is seriously overpriced at $25. The author Brett Kelly has sold over 10,000 copies so who says there’s no money in ebooks. It’s helpful but $25!

Let me save you some money.

If you’re a power user & want to know more about Evernote then head over to the guru of lists, Michael Hyatt, & his comprehensive writings about Evernote should keep you happy.

Evernote has definitely increased my productivity & will do the same for you.