4 reasons a pastor should call in church consultants

Today I’m continuing my how to grow a healthy church series & I’m exploring those particular moments when a church should seriously consider engaging a consultant.

Church consultancy is in its infancy in the Australian church but I foresee a growing need as pastoring continues to accelerate in its complexity.

So here’s 4 reasons that should make a pastor pick up the phone & call in church consultants:

Church consultants

1. When the average age of your congregation is significantly older than the surrounding region

2. When you have Mercs & Jaguars in your car park & the carports in the surrounding suburb are filled with Datsun 1600’s

3. Whenever you are making significant & high impact changes, especially with staff

4. When your church hits middle age – even churches are prone to a mid life identity crisis

Dr Bill Hoyt of Growing Healthy Churches inspired this post when he wrote about the need for churches to call for help.

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  • Simeon

    What about the Holy Spirit? Do we really need consultants?

  • http://growahealthychurch.flywheelsites.com/ John Finkelde

    Good point Simeon. In Acts 8 there was a tremendous move of the Holy Spirit as people were saved & delivered. Then the apostles came & took the church to new realms of understanding & experience. In the same way an outsider can bring fresh eyes & renewed focus as Christ builds His church thru the Spirit with people.

  • http://harves.net/ Daniel Harvey

    Thanks for the post. Simeon/John, it could also be emphasised that whenever we seek counsel we should seek it from Holy Spirit filled men & women – Jesus gave spiritual gifts to individuals – and we should seek out those individuals who can help us build strong churches that look like Jesus.

    • John

      Excellent point Daniel. No point trying to build the church without the power of the Spirit.

  • Craig Carpenter

    Phil Pringle uses a good analogy to describe the Church and Holy Spirit.

    If we understand that the Holy Spirit is like a water flow / a river if you will … and the Church structure / management as being like the river banks to channel the awesome power of God…

    Church consultants are good because they can help coach on the structure and management – really the man of God that you bring could turn around and tell you that the river banks are good – that the river flow has stopped.

    Personally, I’d rather have a river without banks than banks without a river…

    PS – If you have the C3 Church App on iPhone then you can watch that message by Phil, it is one of the more recent messages

    • John Finkelde

      Good analogy Craig. Personally I’d rather have banks & river ,-)

  • http://www.c4.net.au Darren

    What if your surrounding suburbs have garages with Mercs & jaguars and your church carpark is filled with Datsun 1600s?

    • John

      Same problem in reverse so yes you will need some help as to how to reach the demographic around your church

  • http://shazjones.wordpress.com shazjones

    Let’s face it, anything we can do to help people lose the Datsuns is a big win for any community :-)

    Like a personal trainer who helps fat people lose weight, these reasons are all tending towards the problem side of the spectrum and definitely coaches and consultants can help solve problems. And the apostles would often address problems in the church.

    But I think as consultancy grows out of its infancy it will serve even strong churches without problems (if there even is such a thing 😉 to encourage and enhance what they’re already doing great and make it greater too. And certainly the apostles also went and strengthened churches that weren’t reporting weaknesses.

    Watching the Sochi Winter Olympics made me realise some of the best personal trainers focus exclusively on helping people who are already fit and healthy, get stronger, faster, higher, more agile etc. It’s a bit like Biggest Loser vs Iron Man… So maybe we also need a post on why pastors should call in consultants that can help great churches do even greater works e.g. managing complexity, leadership capacity, using social media, 80/20 improvements etc

    • http://growahealthychurch.flywheelsites.com John Finkeldej

      But I love Datsuns!! Well used to! Like your thinking Sharon and I feel another post
      coming on

      Why healthy churches need a consultant …