This one thing has changed my travel life

My Android tablet has changed my travel life … completely … forever.

No more carrying books.

No lugging the laptop onto the plane.

No iPod. Music & podcasts at my fingertips on the tablet.

No Kindle. Yep the Kindle app works just fine on my tablet.

Yep my tablet is a one stop educational, entertainment extravaganza.

And they’re biblical … Moses brought two of them down from Mt Sinai … sorry … dad joke!

So trust me when I tell you I will be using it today as I travel 8+ hours to get home.



  • Mark E

    Yes…and only about 6 months behind Apple for apps and features!

    • John

      Such a fanboi!

    • John

      Actually Mark how’s that amazing Swype feature going on your iPad?!?!

    • John

      And widgets?

    • John

      And moving wallpaper?

  • Darren

    And successfully sued by Apple Australia preventing Samsung from releasing their nearly-ready-to-go tablet onto the Aussie market. I’m keen on an Android tab too but require more power to run MS Office. Maybe the next model, if they get past the Apple litigation issue.

    • John

      Yes Samsung & Apple are banging heads in the courts – Samsung are counter suing Apple. I run Office apps on my tablet without any problems